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Assuring a continuity of care and privacy protection for patients.

A legacy of Security and Service

As healthcare providers migrate from paper charts to electronic medical records (EMR), a legacy of inactive paper charts stays behind. Most of these charts remain inactive until ultimately destroyed at the end of their retention schedule. While the information contained in each chart is still vital, managing the paper is cumbersome and expensive.

Clary offers a solution; we remove paper records from any healthcare provider in the United States and store them in Clary’s secure warehouse. 

Whether you’ve decided to move to EMR or remain “all paper”, we’ve got you covered. 

Seamless digital transition

Facilitating a fluid transition from paper to electronic medical records (EMR)

High security

Documents are securely protected by an insured staff

HIPAA compliant storage, scanning and shredding

Why Choose us

Family-owned business

Over the past 16 years, Clary has provided HIPAA compliant storage, scanning and shredding service to hundreds of hospitals and clinics throughout the continental U.S.

Customized storage programs

We understand that no two medical practices are alike, we will customize a medical record storage program that satisfies the unique demands of your practice.

High secure storage facility

Sixteen surveillance cameras in our storage facility digitally record all activity 24/7. The building is alarm-protected and equipped with the latest in fire suppression technology.


Year Clary opened. One of the first custodians!


Hospitals and physicians served


Storage facility security


Surveillance cameras

Some of Our Clients

Clary Document management use cases

Retiring professionals

We'll ensure a stress-free transition by keeping your data secure and protected.

ROI Processing

ROI requests are processed according to your policies, and in accordance with all state and HIPAA guidelines.

Closing a practice

Trust Clary to be a partner in assuring a continuity of care for your patients following the closure of your practice.

Customized service

Every case has slightly different needs and priorities. We’ll customize our services to fit your requirements.

We take pride in providing unparalleled service

Don't just take our word for it

"I was a practicing physician for over 17 years and had to close my practice. It was a difficult decision emotionally, and financially. What was more difficult was to find a reliable custodian of my patient’s records. I searched all over, but no one seemed willing to take the whole responsibility of being the custodian of my patient’s medical records; when we talked to Clary all of our obstacles melted away. They answered all our questions and relieved all our concerns. They picked up the records and without delay were able to provide records to patients, in accordance with all HIPAA regulations. I am profoundly grateful that a trustworthy company has my patients’ records safely stored and can be accessed without fail. To anyone who is closing a medical practice, I would without reservation recommend Clary Document Management to be the custodian of your medical records."
Marilyn Wahe, MD - Endocrinology, Nephrology and Internal Medicine
Naples, FL